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Mission Statement

Ice Cream Social Network is striving to provide an equal opportunity for independent podcasts through advertising, audio engineering and audience engagement. We are devoted to creating the most entertaining and original content possible. 

Founded by Armanee Doyle in 2016, he has dedicated his time to establish strong relationships with talented show hosts in the podcast industry and placing ICSN at the forefront. 

Featured Network Shows


This network was created for the common person and for the average listener who wants to hear about interesting and engaging topics. Or the average jibber jabber who needs a mic in front of their mouth.

Lions Den Fantasy Podcast


Bringing you all the latest and greatest in fantasy sports. Including which athletes to follow to which athletes to avoid. You definitely want to listen to this show before you draft your players in this years fantasy draft. 

Completely Out of Bounds


Sports show that brings you the latest and greatest regarding football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. this is your one stop shop for all things jockey.

Check out Real or Spam Ep.7

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